B.E. Introduces "Tha Truez"

Hip-Hop has always given artists ways of expressing their love for things. From money, women and cars, many have devoted countless bars to the tangible things. For Blessed Entertainment, their love is for the Most High. Since 2006, Blessed Entertainment has been a local record label ran by Big Boi Hurt. Over the years, Big Boi Hurt has made spectacular music, received various awards and created a name for his self. Keeping one foot in the church and the other in the streets, he found his own lane where he can glorify God as well as minister to those living the lifestyle of hustler like he once did. Now, the CEO of Blessed Entertainment is gearing up to make a big splash in the game with Blessed Entertainment's newest sensation, Tha Truez.

Tha Truez have come together to spread their love for God through music while addressing topics going on today within the church, the world as well as the streets. The name "Tha Truez" stems from their collective identity as the truth tellers. The group consists of Mr. BBH himself, long time label mates Tha Rain, DJ Mixstyles aka The Inasessa, and the newcomers to the label, Chase Elliott, and Uncle Scoob. To be a True is to be an individual who doesn't live by a code. A True doesn't compromise the cross that they bare. A True is trustworthy, loyal and dependable. A True is true to God, true to themselves and true to their loved ones.

Tha Truez made a bold declaration in January with the release of their new joint, "War Room." In no relation to the box office hit, "War Room," the song goes in on those declaring war against the body of Christ. These brothers aren't fighting with guns and bullets. They're relying on God to lead them not only into war against the evil one, but into greener pastures as they tackle the music industry. Clearing more than 700 views in the first two weeks of its release, "War Room" is proof that Christian Hip-Hop is just as hardcore as secular music.

After ten years running, B.E. is still alive and hitting hard. Despite mild slander and the common sip of "Haterade," the sleeping giant within Blessed Entertainment is awake and roaring, and it's about to wake up everyone around that's been sleeping on Tha Truez.